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For residents living in Illinois, storm damage to a property can be quite common each year. When your property undergoes storm damage, it is important that you call in a team of trained and certified experts to come and remove any debris, and restore your property. That is where the Illinois Restoration Pros comes in! Our company that is comprised of well trained staff, technicians, and equipment, has over 30 years of experience in the field of storm damage repairs and restoration, and we want to put our knowledge and experience to use on your property today. Storm damage can be devastating to any home or business owner and it can occur anytime, anywhere. Because of that reason, we are available for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year to better service you. From the moment you call us you will be in contact with an attentive and understanding member of our staff that can walk you through any immediate steps that may need to be taken. In most cases, we can arrive to your estate within the hour of your call to our local dispatch center.


When adverse weather strikes a property, the case can be anywhere from mild to severe. Here at the Pros, we can tackle any size job that you may have. Whether it is a commercial, residential, or industrial property, we have got you covered. One thing that is important to note when talking about storm damage is that time is of the essence. If there is any water damage that has occurred from the storm, it could lead to more issues if it is not taken care of in a time efficient manner. Our company provides immediate service, and we can get these damages taken care of in no time at all! We can restore and repair anything from missing shingles to trees that have fallen onto your property and done extensive damage.

When you call the Restoration Pros, you can be confident that you are receiving top notch service. We only employ the best of the best when it comes to our manpower and equipment. Our expert craftsmen have undergone many training procedures to earn them a Clean Trust certification, meaning that they have the knowledge and expertise needed to work on any type of restoration job. We utilize a wide array of high tech and state of the art equipment that is specialized to restore you property in no time at all. If any of your personal belongings have been damaged by the adverse weather, have no worries. We can take them to our offsite location to have them dried out, sanitized, deodorized, and looking as good as new.

Here at the Illinois Restoration Pros, customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We will do anything we can to make sure that you are completely content with the services we’re providing you with! If that means working day and night to get the job done quicker, than that is what we will do. We work with insurance companies all over the United States, and will work in close quarters with you and your insurance adjuster to make it a point that you receive the best claim possible for your situation. We can also offer direct billing if you should so choose. If your property has recently undergone mild to severe damages due to adverse weather, call the Pros! We provide 24/7 Emergency services for properties that have undergone fire, water, storm, or mold damages.

Call The Pros today at 1-800-692-7440 to schedule an appointment or for emergency services.

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