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flood damage water extractionThere are many causes of water damage for property owners in the state of Illinois. Natural disasters such as floods, intense rains leaking into your basement or through your roof, busted pipes or plumbing issues, even living in an area which has a high water table. Water damage leaves many a home or business owner wondering what to do next. A standard handy man or repair company will not usually do the trick to repair the damage left behind from water. The reason for this is they are not trained to repair the damage that water does, nor do they often have the rapid water drying equipment a professional water damage restoration expert will employ at the job site to rapidly remove any and all water. A water damage restoration expert will also use moisture detection meters around your property to look for any hidden sources of water, as water damage can often remain unseen in walls, joints and floors for some time without being detected by the naked eye.

Water leaks typically cause some interior damage, ranging from deep stains all the way to structural problems. Some minor damage can be repaired by yourself or a handyman but most water damage will require an expert. It is often said one is better off dealing with fire damage then water damage believe it or not. This is because with fire damage you can often see the entire scope of the damage with the naked eye, while as with water damage, there can be much as of yet unseen damage to deal with. Even the source of the water that caused the damage in the first place can be a factor in the repair work, such as if the water came from say a internal plumbing source, or from a sewer or septic source.

water damage restoration

Another thing to consider when choosing which water restoration company and expert to hire is their business rating with the better business bureau, 24/7 response, years in business, and awards and certifications. Restoration pros as over 20 years experience in water damage restoration, a clean record with the better business bureau, and we are available 24/7/365 to help you deal with whatever damage you are suffering from. You also need a company with strong ethics, the reason Restoration pros has no complaints is due to our strong ethics, from job start to job finish. It is our goal to not only restore your property to its former state, but also to bring you peace of mind.

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