Another winter storm is upon us and this one is called Titan. Titan will bring heavy snow from California all the way to New England and sleet and freezing rain from the Plains to the Mid Atlantic States.

There will be two different storm systems coming across the county in these next coming days. The first storm already started to bring rain to California, as the first storm heads over to the Rockies Thursday night and it is expected to weaken and bring mainly light snow to the Midwest going into Friday and Friday night.

The second storm will come in stronger then the first, this storm will bring heavy rain and snow in the mountains to California then head start to head east across the country on Friday. Also in the north half of the U.S. a mass of arctic air will be heading southward during the start of the second storm.

It is expected that the Titan will bring moist air north from the Gulf of Mexico  and extremely cold air going south over the Midwest and Northeast. Just by looking at this weather with warm and cold air you can imagine that it will bring ice storm weather but it also only early stages of the storm.

Later Friday and Saturday snow will spread across the Intermountain West. The snow in the Northern Rockies will just continue from the start. Snow is expected to cross Montana and Wyoming and for the south the snow will have high elevations.

Sunday and heading into Monday will be the main part of Winter Storm Titan, with the precipitation being higher and heavier. The Ohio Valley is expected to get an ice accumulation Sunday and Sunday night although farther north is supposed to get snow. Heading into later Sunday and Monday the storm is going to shift into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Ice accumulation is likely to happen on Monday in the Mid-Atlantic States. The ice threats can be anywhere from Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C., it’s just too early to know exactly were the ice accumulation will be right now.

After the storm is all said and done the snowfall accumulations is expected to exceed 6 inches in total, and even local totals over one foot. The Weather Channel states that “Aside from the snow itself, blustery winds and bitterly cold temperatures will mean blowing and drifting snow, poor visibility, and dangerous wind chills will add to the potential dangers for drivers in the snow zone.”

Updated: February 27, 2014 — 4:13 pm
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