The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has recently begun offering its popular inventory application on the Android market, ensuring that homeowners who wish to enjoy an easier method of cataloging and organizing their assets have access the resources needed to do so. Having a detailed account of the assets found in your home could be essential to your ability to file a successful insurance claim. Lacking records and details about your assets may leave you at much greater risk should you suffer from a fire, theft or other serious misfortune.

The app allows homeowners to easily and effectively create a digital record of their belongings and possessions. Serial numbers, photographs and details about each item to be documented may be created in short order, offering all the advantages of effective and secure electronic record keeping. Lacking details on your possessions, assets and other resources may leave them at greater risk should they be stolen or damaged.

The time and effort needed to create and maintain effective documentation and records on all valuable belongings leaves most home and property owners to put off doing so, leaving them unprepared and at greater risk of loss should something occur. The greater ease and convenience of this application coupled with the superior storage security that may be found with electronic record keeping ensures that the resources needed for accurate and effective record creation and updating will never be out of reach. Free access to this application only adds to the value of those in need of a way to catalog their belongings, assets and other possessions.

A fire, natural disaster or home burglary can put your possessions, most valuable assets
and other items at great risk. The insurance coverage that you depend upon to offer you protection from such an event may only be viable once you have created a record of your valuables and other belongings. The NAIC smartphone application has been created to assist you in doing just that, providing you with a way to create your records more effectively and with less time and effort.

Protecting your investments, property and belongings is an important concern, thanks to access to resources like the property inventory app by NAIC, you will be able to enjoy an easier and more successful effort when it comes to keeping your home and everything in it safe. Free access to an application that has been designed to assist you in creating effective documentation is something to consider as well. When it comes to cataloging your valuables, the tools and resources you need to do so can make a big difference in the success of your overall efforts.

Updated: January 22, 2013 — 3:42 pm
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