Dirty Filter: Believe it or not, a dirty furnace filter could be what is stopping your furnace from working at its full potential. A clogged filter blocks airflow and the small amount of air that is getting by isn’t enough to heat the home efficiently. Given more time, the clogged filter will eventually choke the furnace and stop it from providing any heat at all! If you haven’t changed the filter in months and you have this problem, change the filter before you spend your money on a service call and see if you notice an improvement in your comfort.

Filthy Burners: If the filter is clean, the problem may be located inside the furnace. Dirty, poorly adjusted burners can also be a source of this problem. A way to see if this could be causing your problem would be to take a peek inside the furnace while it is running. If you see flames that are any other color than clean burning blue, you have this problem. Orange and yellow flames aren’t as hot as blue flames, but a simple cleaning and adjustment from your Four Seasons technician could get things running normally once more.
Insulation Issues: Homes that have inadequate insulation loose heat very quickly. All of the heat created by the furnace is being lost before it can warm the home. Have a Four Seasons insulation specialist assess the insulation levels in your home, and boost the insulation levels where they are lacking.

Sizing Problems: This problem is very serious because it often requires replacement of the system in the home. An undersized unit cannot keep up with the temperature demands of a home that it was not designed to heat. It may have been able to keep up for a few years, but as time goes on, the problem will just get worse until the system breaks down for good. Have a Home Comfort Specialist from Four Seasons properly size a unit for your home, and enjoy renewed comfort for years and years to come!

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Updated: January 22, 2013 — 3:42 pm
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